Birchgrove Property has been developing residential living environments in Bendigo since 1973. It has undertaken a range of developments and in the process created catalyst estates which have helped shape the character of areas such as Strathdale and Strathfieldsaye as prominent Bendigo suburbs.
We are proud of the contribution that Birchgrove Property has made to Bendigo in over 35 years of development. We look forward to our ongoing commitment to the continued growth of Bendigo as one of the most vibrant regional cities in the State.

Below you will find a brief description of estates developed by Birchgrove Property along with a google earth link to each estate. A full database of information is provided for each block on our most recent estates.

Simply click on the estate and click on the block for detailed information. Why not have a look and see if you or someone you know lives in one of these estates.

Lemongum Estate

Alkoomi Estate

Napier Run

Kiandra Way

Cresthaven Place

Birch Grove


Harley Mews

Ellimata Estate

Bishops Estate

Timbarra Estate

Redwood Estate

Cheriton Estate